[sp-tabs tab_names="Awesome,eCommerce,Theme"]
[sp-tab-content tab="Awesome"]There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum….[/sp-tab-content]
[sp-tab-content tab="eCommerce"]It is a long established fact that a reader…[/sp-tab-content]
[sp-tab-content tab="Theme"]Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text…[/sp-tab-content]

Tabs Options:

  • tab_names Tab1 Name of the tabs you want separate each one with a comma.
  • width auto Width of the tab container. You can enter pixels. Recommended to leave as auto.
  • collapsible false / true. Sets whether the tab is collapsible.
  • active 1 Sets which tab you want to be initially active on load.
  • style nav-top / nav-left. Sets the style of the tabs.
  • tab_icon Enter the icon name for the icon you want to show in the tab. Refer to your theme documentation for list of icon fonts to use.
  • custom_class Adds additional class so you can manipulate the styles for just this slider.

Tab Content Options:

  • tab Name of the tab that corresponds to the tab name you set from tabs shortcode.
  • color Text color you would like to use. Enter HEX value.